22. International Long-Term Care Conference

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from 18-09-2019 to 20-09-2019
22. International Long-Term Care Conference
18 Sep

Dementia still raises a lot of concerns and controversy. We notice the importance of this problem that is why it will be the main topic of 22. International Long-Term Care Conference in Toruń (from 18 to 20 September 2019). We will present a lot of inspiring examples and checked solutions from all over the world.

What to do to better understand a behaviour of a person who has Alzheimer or other forms of dementia? How to adjust the surrounding? How to minimize negative symptoms of this disease? How to improve the life quality of such a person? – these are some of the questions which the specialists who meet on the Conference will give answers on. Almost 1 thousand of directors of European social welfare homes and professionals in long-term care will discuss the topic how to improve the life quality of people suffering from different forms of dementia.

International Long-Term Care Conference is a worldwide event which gives a possibility to make new contacts, exchange ones views but it is first of all a great source of inspiration for action and a chance for integration.

Every year during the Conference we find out how much we have in common. Across Europe, all over the world we have the same challenges: staff shortages, growing population of older people. These are the problems which we have to solve and I am convienced that we can solve it only together – said Markus Leser, Old Age Department of CURAVIVA from Switzerland during the Conference in 2017.

More about the Conference on mkod.pl

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