Seni Care Foam Shampoo for waterless hair washing

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Seni Care Foam Shampoo for waterless hair washing
01 Jun

When you ask a caregiver what is the most problematic part of taking care for another person, you'll probably hear that, amongst others, hair washing. It is very difficult to do it alone, so you usually need to plan the treatment carefully. Usually, especially when one doesn't have a special equippment, it finishes with back ache, splattered bedlinen and irritation of both parties.

We've heard complaints of many people of how difficult hair washing is and how difficult it is to find another solution. So we came up with our own solution.

We introduce you to our latest innovation - Seni Care Foam Shampoo for waterless hair washing.

Try it now! Ask your local distributor.

Read more about the Foam Shampoo here.

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