Super Seni Plus in XXL size

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Super Seni Plus in XXL size
03 Apr

Incontinence is very democratic. It concerns people of all sizes. Knowing this, we designed a wide range of products for incontinence in all Seni products groups. Until recently incontinent people who chose from the so-called closed system (diapers with fasteners or disposable underwear) could select the products from XS to XL range, up to 170 cm in the waist. From now, also those who need bigger waist size products will find inco solution for them in Seni range of products.

Super Seni Plus diapers in size XXL are a perfect solution for heavy incontinence for people with waist size from 160 to 210 cm. XXL size has a special construction with non-woven bands which lengthen the side wings. This construction enables to fix the product on the body without covering a large surface of the hips. Fasteners in XXL size, unlike in other sizes of Super Seni Plus diapers, are on the front part of a diaper and are to be attached to the non-woven bands.

More about Super Seni Plus here.

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