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Seni products are available in over 80 countries around the world. We offer premium quality products but our goal is also to make the lives of dependent people and their caregivers easier. In several countries we undertake initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life of our clients as well as educating society about incontinence and other health issues.



Below you’ll find just a handful of information about our activities:

International Long-Term Care Conference

International Long-Term Care ConferenceSince 1998 we have been organizing the international long-term care provider’s meeting known as the International Long-Term Care Conference. The program includes a conference for long-term care institution management, and for medical and terapheutical staff of social assistance institutions. It also includes a symposium for the medical staff working in hospitals. It is the only scientific event in Poland devoted to long-term care gathering almost a thousand participants from all over Europe each year. These people are the leaders in their fields of activity, who put much effort in making the society and the government aware of how important the development of long-term care in the world is, especially since we are facing the phenomenon of societies growing old. Thanks to those people more is spoken of providing professional help to those in need. Taking part in the meeting of professionals allows sharing experiences, discussion on the model of long-term care and the standards of provided services in many different countries in Europe. It is possible to follow the examples and use solutions which bring positive effects in institutions all over Europe. The Conference takes place each year in September.

People who are interested in taking part in the Conference are welcomed to visit this website: The Conference

Seni Cup (International Football League for the Disabled)Seni Cup logo

It is an extraordinary sport event dedicated for mentally disabled residents of Care Homes. Being in the League and achieving success on the football pitch, apart from rehabilitation benefits, raises the participants’ self-esteem and helps them to believe in their own potential. It is a break from their daily routine, because apart from the competition the participants take part in accompanying events – artistic evenings or dance parties. They have an opportunity to make friends with people who suffer from similar disabilities, so the ones who can really understand them. What is more, the Seni Cup league helps to break the barriers which exist in many social groups:

  • language barrier – because teams from many different countries take part in the Tournament;
  • gender barrier – because both genders take part in the game;
  • age barrier – because there is no age limit on the pitch;
  • disability barrier – each of the participants suffers from different disabilities or ailments, and despite that fact, they prove that a disability can’t stand in their way to realise their passion – the will to do it is the only thing that counts.

More information about Seni Cup can be found here.

Seni Cup

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