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Moisturising Shampoo (3% urea)

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Seni Care Moisturizing shampoo with urea effectively nourishes the scalp and conditions the hair to give it a healthy look.

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Hair care
500 ml

For gentle washing of dry and sensitive scalp prone to irritation and inflammation. For all hair types. Recommended especially for the elderly, whose skin needs very gentle care. 

The gentle formula based on soft washing agents makes the shampoo well tolerated by even the most sensitive skin. Contains 3% of urea which supports the natural process of epidermis exfoliation and moisturises the scalp, leaving the skin smooth and nourished. The vitamin complex improves the hair condition and restores a healthy look.

Active ingredients: urea 3%, vitamin complex (B3, B5, B6, C, E), linseed biocomplex, panthenol, Boswellia serrata extract, lactic acid


Tip: In the first days of using Seni Care shampoo, increased exfoliation of the epidermis may appear. It is a natural transition process that will disappear after the regulation of sebaceous glands.

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Apply to wet scalp and hair and massage into the scalp. Rinse with warm water and dry. Repeat if necessary. Suitable for everyday use.

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Healthy emotions

Healthy emotions

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