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Seni Care Conditioning and Washing Body Foam gently cleanses the skin and leaves a protective layer on the skin.

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Intimate parts and hips care
500 ml

Hygiene in people with urinary or bowel incontinence requires gentle yet effective cleansing. Seni Care conditioning and washing body foam delicately cleanses the skin without rinsing. Thanks to its gentle washing ingredients, it does not affect the skin protective barrier. It is particularly effective for cleansing intimate areas, e.g. when changing an absorbent product. It contains a greasing ingredient from olive oil and sugar betaine with moisturizing properties. Thanks to the panthenol content, it soothes irritation of sensitive skin. It allows to maintain proper skin pH, which is particularly important in intimate areas. It contains an odour neutraliser - a natural substance that absorbs the smell of urine.

Active ingredients: odour neutraliser, an olive oil derivative, panthenol, linseed biocomplex, lactic acid.


Tip: Use Seni Care laminated hygienic wash gloves to spread the foam. After cleansing intimate areas, apply Seni Care protective cream with arginine or zinc oxide. Shake well before use. The foam should be applied holding it upside down – this will allow you to effectively use all its content.



500 ml

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Shake well. Turn the can upside down and press the nozzle. Apply directly to the skin from 10 cm distance. Spread delicately, do not rub in. Leave for 1-2 minutes and wipe off. Repeat if necessary. Use instead of soap and water – do not rinse.

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Choosing the size

Choosing the size

Correct selection is not only based on the category of a product, but also depends on its size.
Bad-fitting diaper may influence user’s health and increase the expenses.

Bedwetting - what can it mean?

Bedwetting - what can it mean?

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