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Seni Care Creamy Gel reduces the tightness of the skin without disturbing its pH.

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Body care
500 ml

Very dry and dehydrated skin should be cleansed with sensitive but effective preparations, such as Seni Care creamy gel. It supports the natural hydrolipidic mantle. Combines gentle washing and nourishing ingredients that smooth and oil the skin. Supports the natural hydrolipidic mantle of the skin. The mixture of soft washing and nourishing agents cleanses the skin, covering it with a protective film at the same time. Thanks to the content of natural vegetable oils and triglycerides, the skin becomes optimally supplied with lipids. Contains softening and moisturising urea (3%). It has a skin-friendly pH.

Active ingredients: urea 3%, linseed oil rich in Ω3 & Ω6, olive oil, Silybum marianum extract rich in silymarin


Tip: Use Seni Care hygienic wash gloves to apply the creamy gel. After cleansing the body, use Moisturising Body Emulsion for Dry Skin with urea (4%).


500 ml

product properties


Spread on wet skin, rinse with water and pat dry. Use regularly for best effect.

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Comfort of care

Comfort of care

Looking after an ill person, especially a bedridden one, you need to involve a lot of energy into it. This is why it is necessary to organise the space around you, in order to eliminate possible obstacles, avoid straining your back or pulling your muscles etc, when you carry out the routine of all the things you do about the loved one.

Practical advice

Practical advice

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