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Activating body gel with guarana and caffeine Seni Care recommended for daily massage of sensitive skin exposed to chafes, supports blood microcirculation, which ensures the right level of oxygenation of the skin.

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200 ml

In people with limited mobility, as a result of prolonged oppression increases the risk of chafes or bedsores. To reduce this risk the body should be massaged regularly, especially in the areas most exposed to pressure. The Seni Care activating gel with guarana and caffeine, when used regularly, supports bedsores prophylaxis by protecting against irritation, relaxing and bringing relief. Thanks to natural guarana extract, the gel has a stimulating and refreshing effect. The formula is enriched with allantoin and linseed biocomplex with soothing and alleviating effects.

Active ingredients: guarana, camphor, caffeine, linseed biocomplex, bisabolol, allantoin


Tip: Apply to clean skin and massage. Use 1-2 times a day as a supplement to anti-bedsore care and prevention. Avoid contact with mucous membranes. Do not use if the skin is damaged.


200 ml

product properties


Apply to cleansed skin and massage. The gel is suitable for tapping the back of bedridden patients. Use 1-2 times per day supplementary to bedsore prophylaxis. Avoid contact with mucosa. Do not apply to scratched or injured skin.

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Choosing the size

Choosing the size

Correct selection is not only based on the category of a product, but also depends on its size.
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