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Seni Care Skin Care Oil facilitates massage and supports providing essential nutrients.

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Body care
150 ml

For daily care and massage of dry and sensitive skin at risk of irritation, especially for bedridden people.

Thanks to the carefully combined ingredients, the oil stimulates the skin, soothes skin irritation and prevents it from recurring. Enriched with Calendula officinalis flower extract, which stimulates the skin regeneration process, and with vitamin E, which slows down skin aging. Spreads easily. Used regularly helps the skin to keep elasticity and healthy look.

Active ingredients: Calendula officinalis flower extract, Vit E


Tip: Use together with other Seni Care products as a complementary product in pressure ulcer prevention. At the end of the bath, you can add a small amount of Seni Care oil to the water – it will perfectly lubricate dry skin.

product properties


Apply to cleansed and dried skin. Spread delicately and massage.

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