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Seni Care cream with urea (10%) effectively nourishes, oils and moisturizes calloused skin of knees, feet and elbows.

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In the body areas where the skin is extremely dry and prone to keratosis, strong moisturizing and lubrication is needed. It is then recommended to use preparations with a higher concentration of urea, which regulates the process of the epidermis flaking and cornification. Seni Care cream with urea (10%) perfectly nourishes, moisturizes and lubricates keratinized skin, e.g. knees, feet, elbows. The cream is rich and has a slightly oily consistency. Spreads and absorbs easily.

Active ingredients: urea 10%, linseed biocomplex, panthenol, glycerin, lactic acid, lanolin, Vit E


Tip: To strengthen the cream effect, e.g. on heels, apply a thicker layer of cream once a week. Put on cotton socks and leave such a compress for the night.

product properties


Apply to cleansed and dried skin and massage it delicately. Leave to absorb. Use every morning and evening. Don’t apply to injured skin.

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