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Nourishing formula of Seni Care Regenerating Body Balm for dry skin moisturizes and smoothes the skin providing a long-lasting effect.

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200 ml

In the case of very dry skin, it is important to supplement the lipids in the epidermis to effectively protect the skin from water loss. Thanks to a specially selected formula rich in natural oil components, Seni Care Balm effectively regenerates the skin by replenishing lipid deficiencies. By restoring the hydrolipidic balance in the skin, the balm protects the skin from harmful environmental influence. Absorbs well and does not leave stains on clothes.

Active ingredients: cocoa butter, shea butter, canola oil, golden palm oil, olive oil, linseed biocomplex, panthenol, Calendula officinalis extract, glycerin


Tip: If you do not use cosmetics regularly, and you feel unpleasant symptoms of dry skin, use Seni Care Regenerating Balm. Its rich formula will supplement lost lipids, soften the skin and restore its healthy and fresh look.


200 ml

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Apply to cleansed and dried skin. Spread delicately and leave to absorb.

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